Pennsylvania Paranormal Magazine

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An Avid artist, writer and publisher of Pennsylvania Paranormal Magazine, Donna has always had an extra "sense" of the paranormal side of our world. After many personal experiences of the spirit realm she and her sister decided to form the  paranormal investigative group, P.A.S.S. (PENNSYLVANIA (PA) SPIRIT SEEKERS) 

They investigated haunted locations, recording, analyzing the information gathered which leads Donna to write the stories with the outcome. Most stories presented in Silent Whispers are based upon actual paranormal investigations. Her latest book, "Girl Haunted" is based on every home that she has lived in since being a small child to this very day. 

 The team now works with Dale E. Graff and Ray Schemerhorn, along with Kristin Brady "Krisi Konvict" PPM's Art Director and Photographer, Darren Holland, and "Dead Technology" they have expanded their experience and knowledge to cover further territories of the unknown.Our staff has expanded to welcome Joseph Kunstek, writer, Tony Wolfpaw, writer.